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Elevate Maryland

Mar 9, 2019

This week, Tom and Candace sit down with Howard County Board of Education members Sabina Taj and Mavis Ellis.  Both are history-makers in their own right, Ms. Taj being the first asian woman elected to the Board and Ms. Ellis the first African-American chairperson.  Tune in to hear about Black Lives Matter week in schools, diversity in leadership, and the budget-making process.

THANK YOU to our new home at The Common Kitchen in Clarksville, Maryland!  We will definitely be back (and soon).

Three Things:

1. CA HOA Legislation

2. HoCo Spending Affordability Report

3.  International Women's Week

Elevator Speech:

Book: Becoming (Both)


Taj - Beyonce

Ellis - The Temptations

Movie: Taj - Central Station 


Taj - The Koshery (Common Kitchen)

Ellis - Clyde's