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Elevate Maryland

Sep 10, 2017

Thanks to Joe's Place Deli for their always warm and friendly hospitality!


Three Things:

Grocery Store Sale of Alcohol

Repeal of DACA - Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

Anonymous letters


Get Money Out Maryland's Doug Miller

Get Money Out

Campaign finance reform




Campaign finance Constitutional convention

Free speech??

How editorials are written

State of Journalism


Doug's Rapid Fire

Book - Anything by Vonnegut

Movie - Casablanca

Music - Replaced By Robots

Most unpopular benign opinion - don't like melons

Podcast - Elevate Maryland

Meal - Great Sage

Event - Two Rivers Roller Derby

How Elevate Maryland - get money out of politics



A Vintage Affair

Under The Harvest Moon

How To Build Grassroots Power

Main Street Music Fest