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Elevate Maryland

Jul 29, 2018


Show Notes

Thanks to Joe's Place Delifor their always warm and friendly hospitality!

3 Things We're Thinkin' About

3 Things

New Courthouse

Long Beach courthouse

Admin testimony for bill

FF Nathan Flynn

Tiber Watershead Moratorium bill


Liz Walsh

We won because of volunteers

Clear cutting tree request at the Historic preservation commission

Government’s role in community

BoE,  County Council and CE working together

School redistricting

Approach to governing: open communication, transparency, fair, inclusive, and data driven

What is a “moderate”?

China Williams race

CE race

Liz's Same Old Questions

Book - The Curious Garden

Hoot Owl Master Of Disguise

Music - The National, Black Panther Soundtrack

Movie - Quiet Place

Unpop - doesn’t like Standard Time (as opposed to Daylight Time)

Best meal - OEC's River House pizza et al

Event - Fair

Elevate - plant more trees