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Elevate Maryland

Mar 10, 2018

Show Notes

Thanks to Joe's Place Delifor their always warm and friendly hospitality!

3 Things We're Thinkin' About

13th High School

School budget

People moving into the county are of a lower income bracket than those leaving the county


Spending Affordability Advisory Committee member Josh Tzuker

Spending Affordability Advisory Committee Report

Non-partisan Committee process

Fiscal health of county - HoCo ate a lot over Thanksgiving and now we should eat a few salads

How the committee projects revenue

Key recommendation was that county should take on less debt

Gubernatorial races

Blue Wave?

The Spending Affordability Advisory Report

Incredible competent civil servants in HoCo

Josh's Rapid Fire

Book - Homegoing

Music - Wilco, Jason Isbell, Tribe

Movie - Netflix's Icarus

Unpopular Benign - Josh loves last episode of Lost

Podcast - Elevate MD, The Dollop, Waking Up with Sam Harris

Best meal - Tandor Grill’s Chili Nan and Iron Bridge's bread pudding

Elevate Maryland - better connect DC and Baltimore