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Elevate Maryland

Jan 27, 2018

Show Notes

Thanks to Joe's Place Delifor their always warm and friendly hospitality!

3 Things Tom's Thinkin' About


Keep it civil

The light and weight of democracy


Maryland Matters' Josh Kurtz

Campaign finance reports

Gubernatorial campaigns

Some surprises

PGCo exec race

BaCo exec race

HoCo exec race

Ball could ride a blue wave

Kittleman has a brand other than Republican

9B Watson / Medinger democrats and Flannigan the republican

Medinger put $150k Of own money in

Watson fiscally conservative

Flanigan used to be democrat

Pettiness and attempts at bipartisanship

Harry Nice bridge

How federal tax cuts affect Maryland

How Obamacare erosion affects Maryland

Reform On Tap Task force rules on relationship between brewers and distributors

Josh's Rapid Fire

Book - Tune In - Beatles Early Years

Music - don’t go to tribute bands

Movie - 3 Billboards

Podcast - Pod Save America, Elevate Maryland

Unpopular Benign - Star Wars sequels

Meal - Mt Vernon Marketplace

EMD - participate and vote locally

Revere Journalists!!

Next guest Jim Shea