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Elevate Maryland

Dec 29, 2017

Show Notes

Thanks to Joe's Place Delifor their always warm and friendly hospitality!

2017 is a prime number- only divisible by itself


Things We're Thinkin' About

Some struggles:

President 45 (campaigning on partisan division and race/culture division- “building a wall”), the #metoo movement,

Mass shootings (Las Vegas and Texas), North Korea, Natural Disasters (hurricanes!),

Race/Culture tension (Monuments, Charlottesville, Virginia, Take a Knee)

Conversation around redistricting, labeling high schools as good or bad

CB 9, negative campaign ads

Mr. Rogers reminds us in his famous quote: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

The #metoo movement

Elections- Alabama stood up against hate and pediphila, A black transgender activist, Andrea Jenkins, was elected to the Minneapolis City Council. A Hispanic woman won the mayor’s race in Topeka, Kan. A Sikh man was elected mayor in Hoboken, N.J. Latina, Vietnamese and transgender female candidates won state legislative races, often becoming the “firsts” in their respective areas. Black candidates were elected lieutenant governor in New Jersey and Virginia. A Liberian refugee in Montana, was elected mayor., People standing up against hate, the attack on science, etc.

BOE drama seemingly resolved and new super brought in to calm tension, exciting offerings in Downtown Columbia, Removal of the confederate monument

Thestory about the Long Reach High studentwho bought the gift for his special needs friend. True spirit of giving. “Some people have reached out to me at Long Reach, saying: ‘You’re famous,’ ” Thompson said. “I don’t really look at it as me being famous. It’s all about Shanquis.”

Our Rapid Fire


Tom - Real Love by Sharon Salzberg

CDR - Waking Up White by Debby Irving

iB -Appeal To The Worldby Dalai Lama



Tom - Shovels & Rope

CDR - Kendrick Lamar’s “Love



CDR - Pretty In Pink

iB - Coco



Tom - Political Gabfest, Good Life Project, The Tim Ferriss Show

CDR - Pod Save The People


Best Meal in HoCo

CDR - Chiopino at Iron Bridge

Tom - Goat & Coriander stew at Yetnal House

iB - Smokin’ Hot’s sweet potato fries with white sauce



iB - yellow

Tom - blue

CDR - red



iB - OMHS Graduation 2017

Tom - MD Microbrew Festival

CDR - Capital Jazz Fest


Favorite Failure

Tom - 2014 election

CDR - 2013 Columbia Council election



Tom - weekend in Frederick, Chef’s Table at Aida Bistro

CDR - Milan


What to Elevate MD

Tom - do things that scare you

CDR - elect individuals that do what’s best for all

iB - appreciate courage and diversity of thought