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Elevate Maryland

Nov 9, 2018

This week, Candace and guest host Ian Kennedy break down the 2018 cycle from state house to county seat.  One of the most respected political reports in the state, Bryan Sears gives his view on why things went the way they did and how the ongoing political saga will go from here.

Thank you to Lupa in Columbia, Maryland for hosting our live show!  Thank you also to Ian Kennedy for stepping in as a guest host!

Book: Thimbleriggers: The Law v. Governor Marvin Mandel by Bradford Jacobs

Movie: Avengers

Music: ELO

Unpopular Benign Opinion: Joe Flacco is not an elite quarterback

Podcasts:  Mike O’Mara Podcast and many others (all the podcasts)

Best Meal in Maryland: Pizza Johns in Middle River (Best Pizza in Maryland); Grumps Cafe in Crofton, Maryland